First virtual land Tour in Kenya

Kenya's leading land-selling company, AMCCO Properties Limited, has launched Virtual Reality (VR) technology to enable clients to have a breathtaking view of properties on sale from the comfort of their homes or offices.

In this fast-paced industry where first impressions matter, AMCCO has moved a step ahead of others to bring a thrilling and fulfilling experience to potential clients and real estate professionals without requiring them to visit the site physically.

With this technologically advanced tool, anyone can explore the grand foyer of their potential future homes with the enchanting and exciting clarity never experienced before.

With VR, a client is not just an observer but an active participant with all the options to search and switch from one property to another by just clicking a button. 

Apart from the convenience of saving time and costs incurred travelling to physical locations to check on a property, this new tool brings the whole experience to clients doorstep, allowing them to have a limitless view of everything they may need, from the property itself to the surroundings.

VR is a powerful tool that gives clients that much-needed strong emotional connection with their desired homes.

As a leading real estate company in Kenya, AMCCO stands out as the first firm to bring this exciting and adventurous innovation to its clients spread across the globe.


As a company firmly founded on trust and honesty, AMCCO’s priority is to give clients the most convenient, reliable and efficient services available on the market. 

“We endeavour to remain ahead of the competition and keep our clients updated on market trends in the real estate business,” the Managing Director AMCCO Properties Limited James Muturi Kimani assured clients.

For this reason, AMCCO is among the first companies in the country to avail VR services to clients to ensure they make informed decisions before investing their money.

To have this firsthand experience, visit the link below:

AMCCO Property Limited is located in Gikambura, near Oakwood Hospital in Kikuyu, which is 30-minute drive from the capital city of Kenya, which is Nairobi CBD.