Amcco Logo Rebrand

Amcco Logo Rebrand

Why we Rebranded Our Logo And An Insight on What Amcco Entirely does

After 3 years of service, we have finally decided to re-brand our logo so that we can serve you better. 

For starters, AMCCO Properties was incorporated in July 2020. This was at the height of COVID-19, which had struck the nation. The main vision and goal of AMCCO Properties is to provide affordable plots for sale to all investors who wish to build their homes immediately. 

We do deep, detailed research in areas and have specialized within the Nairobi Metropolis, which is still affordable and gives you properties that allow you to own a home within the city.

Our new logo, which is now 'Amcco Twaminika', was inspired by our Managing Director, James Muturi. Together with the Amcco fraternity, we came to the conclusion that with the time we've been in the market, we've proofed that we are trusted, and clients who have purchased with us can also attest to that.

'Twaminika' Phrase (Is a promise that reflects the company’s dedication to reliability, relationship-building, expertise, transparency, personalized service, commitment to excellence, and a long-term partnership approach.)

"The essence of shifting and introducing a new logo is basically because we want to have something that can blend well with our clients in the sense that it can still be understood both in Swahili and English.

The name 'Twaminika' that means trusted in English basically gives the public the feeling that we can be relied on and trusted to deliver having done the most in the past years." Our managing director, James Muturi, shared.

The logo is available in two different color variants. The full-color version and the reverse color version, it also embodies a sophisticated aesthetic, integrating a nuanced representation of hills and land within its build-up. This symbolic imagery mirrors the essence of the company's expertise in both residential and commercial real estate.

Amcco Properties Limited is a company that has specialized in selling land in Kikuyu and is built on trust and commitment. In the bustling heart of Kenya, AMCCO Properties emerges as a beacon of trust and reliability in the real estate landscape. Our Swahili tagline, "Twa Aminika," encapsulates not just a promise but a commitment to being the only trusted real estate partner in the region.

The name Amcco, defined as an acronym for "African Masterpieces in Comfort and Convenience," is more than just a name—it's a declaration. It signifies our dedication to redefine real estate by seamlessly blending comfort, convenience, and the artistry of African living. Each letter embodies a commitment to excellence, representing the core values we stand by.

Here are our brand values:

.Trustworthiness:Our foundation rests on trust, the cornerstone of every relationship we build.
• Innovation:We embrace forward-thinking, bringing fresh ideas to redefine the real estate landscape.
• Client-centric:The client is at the heart of our endeavors, and their satisfaction is our ultimate measure of success.
• Integrity:We uphold the highest standards of integrity in every
interaction and transaction.
Community Focus:Beyond properties, we contribute to and enrich the communities we serve.

Basically, our purpose is to be able to help clients see value in their money as well as craft homes and commercial properties that resonate with the modern lifestyle.

All our projects come with ready-made title deeds and are all served with social amenities, including water and electricity.

We welcome you to this new year with not just a new logo rebrand but also a new project that is underway and set to be unveiled soon. It goes on a cash price offer of 1.3 million Ksh that comes with ready-made title deeds as well.

Book a free site visit with us and get to become that land owner. We have a professionally trained team that's ready to walk you through how you can become a landowner. We also have a tone of business ideas that you'd consider sitting up on your newly acquired land should you be interested.