land• New Projects are Launched.

New land projects are released into the market when the demand is high. This applies in real estate whereby festive seasons are considered peak and on demand seasons. Working individuals get guaranteed bonuses from their employers or business and majority consider investment as their first option. It’s when real estate companies launch new plots for sale which are profitable investments if purchased for speculation.

Case Study: A plot located in Thigio purchased during December 2022 will cost 60%+ more in December 2022.

These results are from our analysis of successful projects inclusive Genesis phase 2 which speculated in less than 4 months after selling out after its launch in January 2022.

Currently the success of Genesis 1,2 and 3 has opened doors for the New Genesis phase 4 selling during this festive season 2022. The project is of high interest due to the fact that it touches the tarmac that links to Dagoretti Road.


• Plenty of Freebies, Giveaways and Discounts.

With the urgency to close the year with high sales, each land selling company initiates attractive schemes for you to benefit from. Simply, you invest in a plot for sale with a company and in exchange they appreciate you with a freebie, gift or even better a discount for your plot purchase.

This Christmas 2022, AMCCO Properties Limited has loaded its offices with merchandise dedicated to all land investors who choose us.

Ranging from hoodies, caps, key holders to water bottles etc., the gifts are issued weekly at our offices or parceled to our clients. We have a special discount of 5% running till 30th November 2022, and so far several new land owners have benefited purchasing high value land for less than usual price.

• Land Prices are Relatively Low.

Post December, as the new year emerges; so does generally higher market prices. This means that land sold in December 2022 slightly under 1 million Kenyan shillings will sell over 1 million Kenyan shillings as the next year starts to count.

To avoid the situation, land investors consider purchasing plots for sale during the festive seasons before prices escalate after.

Land selling companies will also reduce the market price to convert more interested buyers and rapidly exhaust the remaining pieces of land for that year.

To avoid future regrets, we encourage you to prepare earlier and buy land when the prices are quite lower than usual.

• Easy and Guaranteed Funding from Banks and Saccos.

As the year ends, financial institutions allocate more funds for their clients that are distributed as savings grants and loans.

Through presenting Title Deeds as evidence to your bank or Sacco this festive season, chances of getting the funding are high. With sufficient funds you can purchase land without any payment stress.

Pro-Tip: You can borrow a loan to purchase land, let it to speculate then sell at a higher price, pay the loan and enjoy the profit. This profitable idea is easy since all you do is take care and maintain your land to propel its value as illustrated in this blog – Ways to Add Value to Your Land

Allowance for Negotiation by Land Selling Companies.

As mentioned earlier, during festive seasons land selling companies are in a rush to exhaust pending land property and start a fresh with the new upcoming year.

To enable quick closing sales, negotiations that favor both the company and clients are allowed.

This opportunity enables you to mention a significant budget (less than usual but valid in the average land market) and based on the companies’ evaluation, you will be sold a valuable piece of land that accommodates it.

End Year is a Rainy season.

Since October 2022, heavy rains have been experienced in most Kenyan regions thus flooding in areas with poor drainage.

This is the best time to visit and evaluate the drainage of an area. Areas that have poor drainage will likely flood hence warning you against purchase land there.

The rainy season will progress till January 2023 hence this calls for action for you to identify areas of interest and evaluate the drainage before purchasing land.

On the other hand, when you visit and find the area drainage to be averagely good then it’s a go ahead to invest in the land before its depleted.

Hopefully, the above information has enlightened you on why the festive seasons are the best when buying land.

If you have any land buying plans and by now you haven’t made a purchase yet, this is the best time to do so considering all the above advantages at your disposal.

PS: As we wrap up this festive season 2022, enjoy numerous discounts and gifts from AMCCO Properties Limited. Visit us at TH Arcade Gikambura-Kikuyu, or get in touch via 0701 293 199 or email us at