We are talking about trauma in this sense, things that you never though they existed but all of sudden while residing in that area you discover so or things that you didn’t look into while doing Reece for that particular property that you have in mind.
However, keep your eyes open for these land buying nightmares. Avoiding these nightmares when evaluating land for sale will both help your purchasing experience and can help ensure that your new residential lot is worth every penny that you spend.
A Graveyard would keep you up the entire night
If you buy a property that turns out to have a historic graveyard or other protected areas like wetlands, you could be in for a real nightmare, especially if it’s right in the middle of your property. There are no 2 ways about it.
Just ensure you are aware of the place you are residing that’s the whole environment, survey the land. It’s a good idea to be aware of any endangered species, significant archaeological sites, or protected wetlands on the property. The presence of such species, areas or conditions can have a detrimental impact on your ability to use the land.
  • Shrinking Land

The 20 acres that you bought as indicated in the legal description turns out that after a couple of maybe 3 years 5 were part of the Government project as part of road widening project.
The secret is to always conduct a land survey and obtain title insurance to confirm your acreage and lot lines.
Don’t just rely on the legal description of lot lines and acreage cited in the seller’s deed. Going through the title deeds against up-to-date land surveys will help you detect discrepancies, whether the changes occurred in recent years or the source deed was written more than 50 years ago when surveying methods were different. Either way, make sure that the information recorded matches up with the reality of the property today.
That’s why you can rely on a company like Amcco Properties for accuracy and to prevent such like inconveniences.
You are Woken Up by the Sound of Tractors ferrying in sand in your backyard.
You buy land yeah, which is a good thing to do yeah, but you ignore to pay attention to the small details that count in ensuring that your land is secure as it’s written on paper.
  • Always investigate mineral and logging rights.

Make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into, read those paper and understand if you don’t then find someone who can interpret it to your common language so that you are fully aware of what you’ve signed and bought.
So, check your contract and title deed carefully to confirm what rights you’ll hold if you buy the property. If someone else controls mineral and logging rights on the land, you may face significant delays to completing any construction you had planned on or may have a rude awakening one morning.
  • You Cant Access Your Own Place

It happens in quite a number of incidents where you just bought a piece of land believing you could use the nearby driveway after all, the seller drove you in on it right?. But now it seems you have no right to use it. The driveway is not on your land it’s someone’s else and you know how people hate trespassing.
  • Confirm access before buying as well

Again, make sure your attorney reviews a current survey that confirms your access to a public road. Or, if the property relies on easements across neighbouring land, then make sure you and your attorney review those documents to ensure that you have all the access you need.

Seriously you can’t buy a property where the only way you can access it is through a flight or an helicopter!

  • Talk to Neighbors

Yeah very very important! I get it you are antisocial and all that you just wanna live your life and that’s okay but what about asking the neighbors about the land.
They are definitely going to know all the land background they have all the details that will help you settle in. matter fact they are people who will help you in the wrong run.

Don’t assume just say hi and ask one or two things.

Following the above tips for avoiding land buying nightmares will help make your land more pleasant and smooth process that will help you ensure that you will be able to enjoy the land and your new home the way you’ve dreamed it to be.