5 Things To Note Before Buying Land In Kenya

5 Things To Note Before Buying Land In Kenya

5 Things To Note Before Buying Land In Kenya

Before you decide to buy any piece of land, it is important to know the intended purpose of the land, i.e., if it is for agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.
Humans not only live on but also perform all economic activities on land.

This, coupled with the fact that the world population is ever increasing, means land everywhere keeps on appreciating in value, consequently attracting an upsurge in demand.
Below are a number of things you should consider before buying land.
As a buyer, you need to know pitfalls to avoid and safeguards to take when purchasing land, lest you find yourself deep in an endless court battle.


  • Proposed use of land 

Land in Kenya is categorized as agricultural, Residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, national parks, and reserves, among others.

The categorization of land is referred to as zoning.

These are municipal or local laws that govern how real property can and cannot be used in certain geographic areas.

It’s important to know what one is going to do with the land because, depending on what they want on the land, they might need that to set it up.

  • Valuation

This helps one estimate and prepare the figures; it is the process of determining the worth of an asset or company. Valuation is important because it provides prospective buyers with an idea of how much they should pay for an asset.

  • Meet the seller in person

As far as lately everything happens online, including Zoom calls and even transactions, including communication and sealing up the deal, you should consider meeting this person face-to-face so that you can truly testify and confirm he or she is not a fraudster.

Amcco LAND

Some of these people will pretend on the phone.
Always ensure you request copies of their National ID cards and PIN Certificates.

And If the seller is a company, request copies of their National ID cards and the PIN Certificates of the directors so that you can confirm that you are not being scammed.

  • Do background research about the Land of interest

Consider knowing the history of the land so that you know what you’re signing into.

Also, more importantly, consider asking the neighbors of the land you are interested in; these very people are better placed to provide you with information regarding the real owner of the land, the history of the land ownership, and whether there are disputes over the land.
A neighbor may inform you of family squabbles, boundary issues, how the land came about, whether it was a settlement scheme or community land, and this is very valuable information that will help you in one way or another.

Generally, it’s good to be aware of what surrounds you so that it becomes easier to choose what you will do with the land.
They can also help you identify people by showing them photos of the sellers or directors as they appear on copies of their National ID cards. So don’t ignore

  • Consider Doing a Site Visit first

Surely You can’t cash in on something you’ve even touched or seen, yet it’s good to be certain first before you proceed.

It isn’t important to just rely on pictures; consider going to the land and seeing for yourself if it is what they claim it is.
Ensure you conduct a physical inspection of the boundaries to be certain; even better, visit the area when it has rained so that you can see the drainage.

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