5 Reasons That Make Location an Important Aspect in Real Estate

Reasons That Make Location an Important Aspect in Real Estat

5 Reasons That Make Location an Important Aspect in Real Estate

Location is always a very important aspect of real estate because it is what determines the value of the area, and if at all possible, the area will appreciate in value within the shortest period ever. Location is key to buying a property.

The location of your home will determine your family’s safety, happiness, and financial future.

While the price matters too when you are buying a property, location is key to the profitability of your investment and, hence, more significant.
Some of the features to look for in the location of your new home include the type of neighborhood and proximity to important facilities and amenities such as transport hubs, good road networks, shopping centers, and and hospital among other amenities.
Here are some of the reasons that make the location an ideal thing to prioritize when investing in real estate:

1.Easier Connectivity

Bus stops, metro stations, and rail stations are examples of hubs for public transportation, and they should be located to a desirable location.

The value of your house decreases with the distance from the public transit hub. Major roads and highways are easily accessible in some areas where driving is the only viable choice.

And these are just a few of the things that you should think about as a real estate investor if you want your neighborhood to increase in value as quickly as possible.

2.Good Neighbourhood

When scouting for a good area where you want to settle with your family, make sure that you have a good neighborhood that can always be relied on and that is willing to support and walk with you every step of the way because you will realize you need each other in the long run.
You would want to stay in an area where the neighborhood is friendly and supportive as well, so should it happen that you are not around, you can confidently leave your place with the knowledge that there's someone behind taking care of it all.

3.Guaranteed Security

Who wouldn't want to live in an area where security is not assured?

Because these are some of the basic things people look into when they are scouting for houses in different localities.
Residing in an area where the police post is not far off guarantees you safety on not just your property but you as well. Should it happen that you've worked late, you can always come back home late and still arrive home well.

In some of our projects in Kikuyu, like the Beverly Estate, we have a police post that is not far from the project, which guarantees your and your family's safety in the long run as long as you reside there.

4.Infrastructure Development

Living in a place is already one of the best decisions you can make since you know that the land value will increase and you will be the one who benefits from it in the near future.

Remember that you will ultimately gain more from a developing neighborhood when you are looking for a place.

Our Kikuyu projects are all situated in a developing area that has gained recognition since the southern bypass route was built, which has had a significant impact on the development of Kikuyu and its inhabitants.

5.Easier Accessibility

When scouting an area, ensure that it can be accessible despite the weather change.

This is normally confirmed when conducting site visits.
You want an area that can be easily accessed; that's why location is important in real estate.