Buying land is often a significant investment and the first step towards achieving many people’s dreams of owning their own home.
If you have plans to build your dream home, the first thing you’ll have to do is secure a site.

By chance, you may have heard some home-buying horror stories. It’s always very wise and advisable to learn from these mistakes rather than wait until you experience them for yourself. These land-buying mistakes can turn your dream investment into a nightmare. And you surely don’t want that to happen to you.

  • Not Running a Proper Title Search

The majority of buyers find it expensive to close with a title company because the majority of land acquisitions are modest. As a result, the buyer is forced to depend on the seller’s statements or conduct research utilizing the county website.
Actually, ignorance fosters the mindset that making assumptions is a desirable thing. own a title business for closings. Amcco Orchard title deedA business that provides title insurance is known as a closing title company. A title company does research to make sure the property in question has a clear title and is owned by the seller before issuing the insurance. Alternatively, you may describe it as a neutral third-party agency that advocates for buyers, sellers, and mortgage lenders to facilitate the closing of real estate transactions.
  • Failure To Conduct Environmental Survey Tests

Never, ever purchase land without putting it through tests and inspections. The survey and ecological testing are crucial so that you can determine the state of the item you want to buy and whether or not you will actually be able to construct it. Not assuming it!
In addition to helping you determine the borders of your property, these surveys will let you know if the area is prone to flooding or has bad soil.
  • Dealing with unprofessional individuals

Of course you want to save some money; after all, everyone is always looking for the best price. For example, why would I spend millions of dollars on something I could buy with 1,000 instead? Do you notice that there? Amcco Precious GardensAllow me to explain why you ought to. You may have made a small short-term financial gain, but failing to deal with a land specialist could end up costing you a fortune in the long run because the cheaper contractors lack the professionalism and expertise of the others, and you undoubtedly don’t want your apartment to collapse after a few decades. The only people who have a thorough understanding of the project are land professionals or real estate agents; think about making informed and right decisions to avoid a tragedy.
  • Ignoring natural disasters

Natural hazards are typically uncontrollable because they are occurring naturally and may have an adverse impact on both people and the environment.
These could include things like hailstorms, landslides, floods, and a lot more. Purchasing land in such a place could need spending money on an insurance plan to cover the risks. Don’t overlook doing it. Visit a land consultant to learn more about potential concerns associated with the property. At Amcco Properties we have a team more than ready to help to help you begin your land owning journey. You can contact us via +254701293199 to book a free detailed site visit!Read: 5 Things To Note Before Buying Land In Kenya