As a land buyer, your first move is land shopping. At this stage you lay down the available options and weigh the best. But beware at this stage you do encounter numerous circumstances with either positive/negative consequences. In this blog, we guide you on the dos and don’ts while shopping for land; so as to ensure you have a positive outcome eventually.


Visit the Site (actual land) or send a trustworthy representative on your behalf. During the site visit; Ask questions regarding the land and area to equip you with relevant information that suits your queries. i.e.

• The history of the land.
• Type of soil.
• Unpaid Land rates.
• Drainage of the land.
• Basic amenities e.g., Water and Electricity.
• Security of the Area.
• Available opportunities with the land e.g., Farming, Ranching, Homestead

Impact: The site visit proves physical existence of the land being sold while answering questions regarding location, topography, drainage, amenities etc.


Don’t involve too many 3rd parties during the site visit. In often instances, they might mislead you with “their facts and thoughts” about the land. At this point you end up confused hence pausing your buying plans. Instead make an affirmative decision based on your personal evaluation about the land.


Conduct thorough search about the real estate company’s land selling success, for example Visit AMCCO’s offices, website and social media pages or enquire from our happy clients about their successful land ownership journey with us.


Tip: While researching about the land seller’s success, check out these important aspects:

• Positive Customer review (should outweigh negative reviews)
• Property Sell Rate (fast-paced sell rate signifies high interest from land buyers)
• Purchase process (should be simple, convenient and achievable)

Impact: You will have the affirmative proof to proceed on a deal with the selling company.


Don’t blindly cut deals with any company/seller without tangible information of their existence or proven land selling success. This simply means evade unregistered land selling companies and brokers. Instances when your urgency to buy land is high do attract various uncertified land sellers willing to take advantage. If you end up paying without reliable information about the land, purchase process or former project success; inconveniences like Title Deed process delays might occur.


With 100’s of running real estate companies, it’s wise enough to investigate the company’s credibility and legitimacy information. Liaise with a Lawyer or Company to share their registration documents. Additionally, request to see the Land Mother Title registered under the company/

Impact: This information determines legitimate sellers and keeps you off from fraudsters and con cases.


Don’t just shop and buy land randomly (from anyone; anywhere. The land market has various entities competing to sell to you; brokers, individual owners, and companies.

There in between some mediocre entities will provide too-sweet acquisition methods i.e.

• Low payment rates often below average market value.
• Unrealistic acquisition processes e.g., Title Deed in less than a week.
• Additional bribes to fasten the land acquisition process.
• Very huge discounts e.g., below 50% selling price.

NOTE: Without the legal knowledge about the seller’s credibility, you will be frauded. The seller is likely to vanish with your money leaving no trace of the deal you cut with them. Do avoid such situations by dealing with remarkable reputable brands; Amcco Properties Limited.

With this information , you are enlightened enough to kick start your land shopping journey.

Whenever you’re ready, feel welcome to book a free site by calling 0701 293 199 or email us at to get affordable land deals with Amcco.

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