“I want to buy land. Where can I find plots for sale? Which areas are best to buy affordable plots for sale?” If you are asking yourself such questions, then this blog has all your answers.
With land value in Kamangu, Kikuyu appreciating by 60% annually, it can be tough to find a plot for sale that suits your budget while sorting the needs.

As of 3 months ago we SOLD OUT Genesis Gardens Phase 1 and 2 consecutively and right away our clients started building their dream homes. With the high residential demand in the same area, we have launched Genesis 3 bigger and better.

In this blog, we cover in-

kikuyu plots for sale

depth our NEWEST plots for sale – Genesis Phase 3, what it entails and how it gives the best value for your money.


• Schools:
The plots for sale are surrounded by the best schools in Kiambu County such as Kamangu Primary, Moi Girls’ High School-Kamangu, Pleasant Hope Academy, Damacrest Group of Schools, and Green Gardens Schools. As per Kamangu residents, the school fee is affordable considering the Top Notch education standards offered.
If you want to know much about school fees in the schools’ comment below “specify the fees.”

• Electricity and water:
Water supply is guaranteed as Limuru Water Company is 2Km from our plots for sale thus the 1st advantage in terms of high-pressure clean water. “I have lived in this area since childhood, chances of electrical shortage are rare.” Njoroge, a close by neighbor states. Regardless of your power usage, you will always have an electrical power supply.

• Hospitals and Religious institutions:
Oakwood Hospital (private) and Lusigetti Level 5 (public) are the best hospitals less than 3km from where you will settle. It takes 10 minutes to get your health care in place and fortunately all services are affordable and available.
1 kilometer from Thigio; Kamangu has diverse religious institutions that largely serve Christians and Muslims with the presence of several churches and mosques.

plots for sale ready for settlement

• Markets and Recreational institutions:
Unlike before, finding the best place to shop had to be Nairobi CBD. In 2022, this is history in Kikuyu as the Lusigetti market floods with Fresh groceries while Kamangu and Kikuyu have Supermarkets and every shop you need. Talk of Food, Luxury, Fashion, and Maintenance; everything you want is just nearby.
For fun and day outs, Rio Breeze Gardens, Honeywell Resorts, and Kilimo Grand Resort serve this purpose. With swimming pools, kiddy parks, and state-of-the-art restaurants then you can spend a fun day with your family and friends nearby.

• Security and Safety:
Thigio is well armed with police stations such as Kamangu police station, and Kiriri police station which is to ensure the residents are well secured. Police patrols happen daily to beef up on the same.

• Serene Neighborhoods and Favorable Weather:
Due to the modernized population, you will inhabit a community of peaceful neighbors. Kiambu climatic zone has been one of the most favorable over the decades; moderate rains and average temperatures assure comfortability.
The nearby green lands with trees supply fresh air day in out and the terrain is suitable for kids to play on the grounds or chill outs.

plots for sale ready for settlement


• Accessible Tarmac Roads:
This is how lucky you are….Genesis phase 3 plots for sale are only 20 meters from a Murram road currently being tarmacked. Even faster than before it will only take you 5 minutes to the main road and 30 minutes to the Nairobi CBD via Waiyaki way, Ngong Road, and Southern Bypass.
Alternatively, there are express Matatus from Kamangu town to Nairobi CBD at Kshs 120 while to Kikuyu Town at Kshs 50 whereby you will access Westlands, Karen, Gitaru, and Nairobi CBD with less than Kshs 70.

• Urbanization:
As a plot owner in Ndeiya, you can access all government services in Kamangu Town which is to be commissioned as the Headquarters of Ndeiya – the newest sub-county of Kiambu County very soon.

• Residential:
These 50×100 plots for sale are well subdivided to fit your residential house and spacious compound. Some close-by neighbors will welcome you warmly into the community. To add on, the fertile soils will enable you to farm and preferably set up your kitchen garden.

• Speculation:
With up to 60% of land value rising annually, you have the open option of buying and selling later. At 999,000 Kenyan shillings today, we assure 1,598,400 + Kenyan shillings come October 2023. This is accelerated by the ongoing tarmacking of roads and also the commissioning of Ndeiya into a sub-county.

With the above information, we believe Genesis Gardens 3 plots for sale is your next project of choice and guarantee you the best prices with these two payment options.

• Cash Offer:
Each plot for sale (50×100) is going for Kenyan shillings 999,000 for cash buyers. The price is due to the vast development and high appreciation of the area which is over 60%.

• Installments Offer:
By any chance you are flexible with paying installments, we offer you this option at a small but unnoticeable interest in 3 months from the 1st booking. You opted to pay 1,099,000 Kenyan shillings in total.

• Title Deed:
After the full payment, we initiate the Title deed transfer instantly and within 90 days we issue the title deed.

To this point, we hope you have visualized how owning a plot in Kikuyu is affordable and easy.

If you have any questions about the New Genesis Gardens Phase 3 , kindly call us @ 0701293199 or email us at . Invest today!

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