When it comes to buying land in Kikuyu within Nairobi Metropolis area, two names are popularly mentioned.
Kamangu and Thigio have over the past semi decade been explored for their large parcels of affordable land suitable for residential or speculation purposes.

These areas are developing at a fast pace due to the urbanization plans by the government and infrastructure improvement i.e. Tarmacking of roads.


On a daily basis, land investors opt to invest in this areas as a majority of other popular areas around Nairobi i.e. Juja, Ruiru, Kamulu etc. are being rapidly depleted whilst remaining portions sold expensively.

Even though Kamangu and Thigio are very prime and close to each other, they have differences in benefits when it comes to buying land in either.

Therefore, in this blog we cover all benefits that Thigio and Kamangu bring on the table to compare which area is best value for your money.

Remember when buying land, one investor’s preference is not another’s, therefore, distinguishing what benefits you will help you invest wisely.

 1.Proximity to Nairobi CBD

Kamangu borders Thigio and both are linked to and by Dagoretti Road, which leads to the Southern Bypass.

Using either the Southern Bypass or Ondiri Road from Kamangu to Kikuyu, you can ply either Waiyaki Way, Ngong road or Langata road to access Nairobi CBD.

Under minimal traffic, a smooth drive will take less than 35 mins guaranteeing you fast accessibility to Nairobi CBD and back to Kamangu or Thigio.

The evident difference here is the 5 minutes extra time from Nairobi to Thigio than Kamangu. Honestly, this isn’t a deal breaker as most investors still choose Thigio for various advantages than Kamangu.

The distance from kikuyu to kamangu is 8kms, While the distance from Thigio to Kikuyu is 11 Kms. The Distance from Nairobi to Kamangu is 35KMS and Distance from Nairobi to Thigio is 38 kms

2.Accessibility (Road Networks)

The Kenya Rural Roads Authority(KERRA) has delivered a couple or road networks within the larger Ndeiya and Kikuyu Area covering a vast of rural roads in Thigio and Kamangu respectively.

Thigio tops with more number of the rural access roads being tarmacked than Kamangu. This includes the Ha Koinange – Gitutha Road off Dagoretti road that leads to our prime Thigio plots for sale.

Kamangu on the other hand has wider network of murram roads, however,  some have been commissioned for tarmacking soon.

All the access roads from Kamangu and Thigio connect to Dagoretti Road which links to the Southern Bypass or Ondiri road opening access to areas outside Kikuyu.

Overall experience in terms of tarmac roads, Thigio takes the lead but Kamangu is also promising  if and when an investor is ready to wait for tarmacking.

3.Local Amenities

Hospitals inclusive Oakwood Hospital, Lusigetti Sub County Hospital and Orthodox Medical Center serve the two localities equally.

In matters education, Thigio has its own set of schools and similarly Kamangu. This does not mean children can’t study in either of the areas since it is a case of school preference mostly standard performance and general distance while commuting to and from home.

Entertainment Joints such as Kamangu Gardens are located within Kamangu and Lusigetti, hence, residents of Thigio will often commute to these places for leisure.

Thigio is nearer to Limuru Water Company than Kamangu but that isn’t a deal breaker as water is supplied fairly to residents within these two localities.

Even though local amenites are plenty and available to serve these areas, preferences might kick in to visit Nairobi for a luxurious and city based entertainment life. It’s is upon you to decide whether or not to enjoy locally or travel  further for a different experience.

4.Residential Vs. Speculation Suitability

Due to the huge availability of land in Thigio and it’s overall sparse population, it’s more suitable and chosen by land investors for residential purposes.

The wide variety of tarmac roads make transportation and commuting easier for residents to move in and out quickly without strains during dusty and muddy days.

Kamangu is also a variable option for residential purposes due to its rapid urbanization within its  town.

Although it stands a chance to house your dream home, more people will often choose it for speculation as the ongoing tarmacking projects will derive high value to the lands once done.

Therefore, plots bought today will be sold later at a 60%+ profit margin.

That alone is a promising business venture for people hence the area widely chosen for speculation purposes than Thigio.

Once again it’s your choice to make based on your purchase needs. Some investors always opt for Thigio over Kamangu and vice versa for speculation or residential.

 5.Land Value Additional

Land in areas of Kikuyu and Ndeiya which inhabit both Kamangu and Thigio speculate at a margin of 60% per year.

This value addition rate is impressive and profitable for land selling business personnels. Investors are encouraged to purchase land based of positive attributes and this one falls as a sure guarantee.

The fact that land is affordable in both Thigio and Kamangu makes these areas of interest to purchase and resell later. The only time breaker in your land’s value addition is how well you maintain it as illustrated here.

Beware that land adding value at 60% isn’t automatic but rather a process that is spearheaded by looking after the land to ensure its in good condition and appealing to your next buyer.

Plots For Sale

That is a key factor to check on while owning land for speculation purposes.

The commissioning of Thigio into Ndeiya’s Sub county headquarters has made it more interesting to investors willing to build rental units for high end clients.

Tarmac roads is also a tie breaker between the value of land in Thigio and Kamangu.  The two factors combined have made land in Thigio more valuable than in Kamangu hence resulting to a surge in land prices in Thigio than Kamangu.

However, this does not make a huge difference as most land prices in these areas are within notable price range. There are so many factors that differentiate in between these two areas but the above mentioned stand out more often.

Therefore when scouting for land to purchase in the area, do put into consideration this and that so as to make the right decision.

Seeing is believing, we welcome you for a free site visit and have a look at our Kamangu and Thigio plots for sale in Thigio or Kamangu at your convenience.

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