Prime and affordable Plots For Sale

in Kikuyu,Kamangu,Thigio, Nachu , Gikambura

Why Amcco Properties?

Explore Unbeatable Opportunities with AMCCO Properties Ltd: Affordable Plots for Sale in Kikuyu, Thigio, Kamangu, and Kiambu Kenya. We are Trusted.

Providing Transparent Access to Affordable and Prime Real Estate

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  1. Exploring New Areas with High Growth Potential
    new areas for development, high growth potential locations, emerging real estate markets
  2.  Identifying Promising Locations for Development Projects
    location scouting, analyzing market trends, identifying growth potential areas
  3.  Connecting Developers with Untapped Opportunities
    developer partnerships, linking developers to new areas, collaboration for growth projects
  4. Assessing the Viability of Development Projects in High Growth Areas
    viable development projects, feasibility studies in high growth areas, risk assessment and mitigation strategies


Joseph Muriithi

Joseph Muriithi

The customer centric approach, professionalism and flexibility I have received is an attestment that AMCCO Properties is a company that holds clients... Continue Reading ...

Peter Mutisya

Peter Mutisya

A great experience with Amcco assisted by Christine. The process was very smooth. Title deed was issued a month after payment was completed. Shukrani... Continue Reading ...

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